Male Massage Auckland

I’m trained in sensual touch techniques and certified in relaxing (Swedish) massage so my male massage in Auckland is a genuinely great experience.

The skin is our largest organ. The sense receptors in the skin instantly respond to heat, cold, pressure, pain and of course, touch.

Receptors sit at various levels under the skin to register the different sensations we are constantly exposed to. Some areas are more sensitive than others

Our fingertips are the first part of the body to make contact with the things we use every day. In ninety five percent of the time, they are also the first part of our body to touch another person. I use my fingertips to ‘feather’ your body as part of the sensual touching. It has been said a well executed sensual touch is the most pleasurable massage that a man can experience. I also use pressure with my hands to perform the therapeutic aspect of the full body massage you will experience during your hour with me.This combination of light and firm touching makes my popular man to man massage a pleasure to receive while also gaining the health giving benefits of a full body therapeutic massage.

With so much stress in our daily lives, it’s important to release this tension from your body. You know you have stress if you feel tired, lack focus, have headaches or suffer from pain in the back. Sitting for extended periods while driving or at the computer also leads to back problems which can be eliminated with a well executed massage.

Although a number of my clients are gay, most are married men who enjoy the extra dynamic of man to man touching. When you think about it, only a man understands how to touch another man to make him feel truly relaxed and to provide him with the satisfaction he expects from a well executed full body massage. Being the most experienced man to man masseur in Auckland, I’m confident in saying you will leave me feeling relaxed and revitalized.

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