I offer my unique and popular sensual/therapeutic combo massage to both gay and straight men in Auckland. However, most of my clients are married guys who love to be touched by another man. They often tell me their wives don’t know how to touch them is such a sensual way. A common statement I hear as soon as I’ve finished my unique (“magic hands”) massage on a guy is “I didn’t know how great a massage could feel.”  “Wow, you certainly know how to touch a man!” and  “Man to man touching really is something.”

It can take a couple of hours to feel the difference in the body after a good full body massage. This feeling of well being can last a few days. This is another reason performers, sportsmen and top executives have regular massages. It’s recommended that to keep the body in top condition, you should have a massage every two weeks.

Massage helps the blood to flow normally as well as stimulating the circulation. This in turn helps the body function optimally. It is also a great aid for sound sleep. My regular clients report that they sleep really well the night after a massage and this restful sleep carries on for a week or longer if they are not experiencing undue stress in their work lives.

The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans regarded a massage as one of the best gifts they could receive from a friend. Treat yourself to my magic hands and experience yourself why massage has been around for so many centuries.

It’s common for singing stars to take a masseur with them when they are on tour. It’s also something top businessmen invest in on a regular basis. These people understand the instant benefits a good massage gives them. The most obvious benefit is a reduction in stress.

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