Man to Man Massage in Auckland

Professional, satisfying, man to man massage is what both straight and gay men receive when they experience my Auckland based massage treatment.

A sensual massage is designed to leave you feeling totally relaxed and content. The rhythm and stroking involved in a therapeutic massage, combined with the ‘feathering’ used in the sensual touch technique I use, produces a heightened sense of pleasure. It is supplying the body’s need for feeling good that makes a sensual touch massage satisfying.

Man to man massage is a way for men to get the touching their bodies need. The dynamics of male touching is different from female to male touching. It has been said that man to man touching is more satisfying and rewarding. I’m not sure why this is but I can say that most of my clients are married men who thirst to be touched by another man. Treat yourself to a sensual touch massage and you’ll see why it has become so popular in the west over the past decade.

During my Body Work training, I discovered the amazing power of touch and the positive effects it has on people.

Timing is crucial too. It is important not to spend too much time on any one area unless it is being targeted to relieve knots and tightness.  A relaxing massage requires quietly working the whole body in time with the body’s own rhythm. As an experienced masseur, I know how to do this and am confident you will feel a difference at the end of my treatment.

For stress release and an overall feeling of wellbeing, you can’t beat a good therapeutic/sensual massage

Apart from the pleasure you’ll experience with a great man to man massage, stimulating the muscles and blood flow to improve overall circulation, is another benefit you’ll gain from this centuries old body treatment.


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