Gay Man to Man Massage in Auckland

Gay man to man massage in Auckland My unique man to man full body sensual/therapeutic combo massage is popular with Auckland men both straight and gay. Only a man knows how to sensually touch another man. The dynamic of male to male touch has an impact on the feeling and satisfaction that men appreciate and enjoy.

Many of my clients say their wives don’t know how to touch them the way I do as part of my popular man to man massage.


Touching is more important than most people imagine. It is one of the first senses to develop and is vital throughout life. Communicating by touch is learnt from birth.

Touch is a form of nourishment. A lack of caring touch will lead eventually to stress and is often substituted by hitting or fighting to gain much needed physical contact and attention. Massage is an important way to nurture every adult by showing they are worthy of touching care. It is one of the best forms of therapy and can be enormously positive for everyone who enjoys the magic of human touch..

Touching is often associated with love. In a way, a good massage is making love to a person’s body with hands. It should leave the client feeling totally relaxed and content. The rhythm and stroking involved in my therapeutic massage, combined with the ‘feathering’ I use in the sensual touch technique produces a heightened sense of pleasure.

It is meeting the body’s need for feeling good that makes a sensual touch massage so satisfying.

Timing is crucial too. I understand how important it is to spend specific times on each part of your body and not to spend too much time on any one area unless areas are being targeted to relieve knots and tightness.  A professionally administered massage requires quietly working the whole body in time with the body’s own rhythm. Being an experienced masseur I know how to do this.

For stress release and an overall feeling of well being, you can’t beat my popular sensual therapeutic full body combo massage massage.

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