GAY MASSAGE IN AUCKLAND with 4hands body rub also available

Gay massage in Auckland. As well as my popular sensual/therapeutic combo full body man to man massage, I am now able to offer 4 HANDS MAN TO MAN BODY RUBS.

Just imagine 4 expert man hands dancing across your entire body in co-ordinated movements to stimulate all parts at the same time.

This truly is a unique male massage experience that leaves you exhilarated and satisfied.

A 4 hands body rub is totally different from a relaxing one on one massage in that the constant flow of 4 hands across your entire body is super stimulating and exciting.

Our 4 hands body rub goes like this: both legs are gently stroked from top to bottom at the same time. The back is gently massaged with side to side wipes in opposite directions. The penis is lightly stroked while the butt is fondled in sensual swirls at the same time. The chest and stomach are lightly massaged from top to bottom and side to side with 4 hands. Again the genital area is kept stimulated with 4 hands to keep you ‘edged’ for extended pleasure. As you can see, our unique body rub is an exciting sensual body treatment. The guys who have tried it and have returned for more have all said it was intense but also an amazing experience.

A 4 hands body rub takes around 35 minutes. You will find this time is all you need with so much activity taking place across your body.

My fellow masseur and I are caring guys who make sure you receive the best 4 hands man to man treatment available in Auckland.

It will cost you just $70.00 for our 4 hands body rub. Of course, if you want to fully relax, my popular 2 hands full body man to man sensual/therapeutic combo massage is also available every day in Auckland.

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