I’m Rik Francis, and am Auckland’s most experienced masseur specializing in man to man massage  for both straight and gay men. My popular (and unique) sensual/therapeutic combo massage has been copied but I’m told it has not been improved on by others.

My aim is to send you away feeling not only totally relaxed, but also with a feeling of satisfaction and overall well being.

Although gay men enjoy male to male massage, I have found most of my clients are married men who want to experience the special satisfaction a man’s touch can provide. Man to man touching has a totally different dynamic from male to female touching.


If you are after a totally relaxing male massage you will need to make sure you have a trained masseur. This is because the way a massage is executed is really important. The correct stroking, rhythm, timing and pressure are all crucial if the massage is to be a success. I find a rhythm that is in tune with your heartbeat and maintain this throughout the massage.

I incorporate the ‘sensual touch’ technique to add pleasure to the treatment .The order in which the massage is executed is also important to provide the pleasant, relaxing experience a massage is supposed to achieve. I start at the shoulders and work down to the feet in an unhurried way. Of course, the sensual touch aspect includes the genitals which I lightly massage at certain times throughout the massage (not just at the end as is the case with many other masseurs). By including this sensitive part of your body from early on in the massage, you will experience for a longer time the pleasure a sensual massage is designed to provide.


A  recent medical report in a British newspaper recommended a massage every three weeks to maintain good circulation and to reduce stress levels. This means that not only does a sensual touch/therapeutic massage feel great to receive, it also provides important health benefits.

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