Gay Massage Auckland

I am Auckland’s master of gay massage. (that is what a client told me recently anyway!) I am trained in sensual touch techniques and also certified in Swedish (relaxing) massage. I combine both styles to leave you satisfied, relaxed and content. It is a total body experience. The secret of a great massage is to combine pressure, movement and rhythm in the right amounts to produce the sensual, therapeutic touch you receive with my experienced hands.

Massage Therapy is the oldest form of medicine and has been around for thousands of years. The Greeks and Romans realized how important it was for overall health and well being. They regarded it as an important part of life and built elaborate bath houses to accommodate those who relied on massage to keep their minds clear and their bodies happy.

Here are some genuine comments from both married and gay men who have experienced my ‘magic hands’. The majority of my clients are married guys. They come to me wanting the special feelings they get from man to man touching. They also realize there is a magic dynamic that happens when they are intimately touched by another man.

“I didn’t know how good a massage could be.”

“You sure know how to touch a guy.”

“I’ve never felt this relaxed before.”

“I didn’t know what to expect from a sensual massage but there is nothing to be embarrassed about. You made me feel really relaxed.”

“I slept really well every night for the week after you last massaged me.”

“That was a truly amazing massage. I had no idea how incredibly sensual a man to man massage could be.”

“I will be back!”

Try my sensual touch/relaxing combo massage for yourself. I’m confident you won’t be disappointed. You owe your hard working body some pleasure and relaxation.

I use a water based almond oil which has no scent and leaves no sticky residue so no need to worry about getting it on your clothes. I have a private location with easy parking. and am available every day including weekends.

4hands (all male) body rub also available. This is intense and takes 30mins.

Body shaving also available.

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