Sensual Male Massage Auckland

I’m confident in saying that 85% of my clients are married men or have girlfriends. There is a certain dynamic that happens with a man to man massage. You just need to surrender to the health giving pleasure it provides. Human touch is important for people of all ages. It enhances the mood and is also a great aid in alleviating depression and lack of motivation. In fact, massage has been used for thousands of years to provide a feeling of contentment and inner peace. At this stressful time, my professionally provided man to man full body massage is even more important and indeed, beneficial for your mood and frame of mind.

People don’t realize how powerful a great massage can be in improving general well being. The ancient Greeks and Romans were aware of this and regarded massage as a crucial part of their lives. A well delivered massage heightens the sensitivity of the nerve endings so any part of the body that is massaged will feel more responsive than usual.


Sensual massage is the most pleasurable of all massages and my clients return because they have discovered a male to male experience that can’t be replicated with a wife or girlfriend. I apply the techniques I was taught by a sensual touch practitioner in Canada as you rest on my comfortable massage table. Your body will soak up the various sensations that you experience with a sensual massage. The sensual touch technique is designed to keep you in a state of heightened stimulation and it is this that I incorporate into the standard therapeutic massage which is part of the treatment you receive from me. There are specific procedures I follow to produce the right outcome that a sensual touch massage was created to provide.

The results of the massage you receive from me are twofold: improved circulation and a feeling of total satisfaction and well being. Whether you are straight or gay, try this health promoting experience, you’ll see what I mean.

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