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I’m confident my male massage in Auckland will leave you with a feeling of total relaxation and a heightened sense of well being. New research has stated that massage improves natural killer cells thus boosting your immune system. Man to man touch also improves mood and a general feeling of wellbeing. To receive the full benefits of touching, a masseur needs to know what he is doing. There are certain techniques that need to be applied to truly make a massage effective.

Sensual male massage Auckland. As Auckland’s most experienced man to man masseur, I’m often asked what I get out of giving men massages. It is because I really enjoy the pleasure I get from making my client relaxed. I get into the ‘zone’ while doing a massage and can feel the tension leaving his body. I can also feel his body responding to the special touch I use during my popular sensual/therapeutic combo massage.


I’m trained in sensual touch techniques and use these throughout the hour of the massage (not just at the end of the treatment which is the case with many other male massages) Most of my clients are married men who feel nervous about being touched by another man. On the other hand, they want a massage they feel will provide them with the benefits a great massage is designed to provide. I soon make you feel relaxed as you experience my unique sensual/therapeutic combo massage and how pleasant the pattern of movement feels all over your body.


Many men spend too much time in their heads, worrying about everything from work to paying bills to relationships. This constant ‘head space’ is partly responsible for creating the stress that plagues western society these days. Too much time occupied by the constant parade of thoughts leads to men disengaging from their bodies and their emotional selves. My trained hands help to reconnect you with your body and when you are connected to your body, ‘good feeling’ endorphins are released. This helps clear the mind of negative thoughts and brightens your mood. It leaves you with increased feelings of well being and contentment.


Just last month, a visiting businessman who experienced my sensual gay massage commented on how relaxed he was, not only at the end of the treatment, but during it too and added before he left, “It was like swimming in warm water.”

Other comments I have received include:

“You certainly know how to touch a man!”

“I didn’t know a massage could feel so good!”

“I wish my wife could touch me like that!”

“That sensual ‘feathering’ you do feels fantastic!”

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I look forward to giving you (what I’ve been told) is the best man to man massage in Auckland.


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