I’m confident my male massage for men in Auckland will leave you with a feeling of total relaxation and a heightened sense of well being. New research has stated that massage improves natural killer cells thus boosting your immune system. Man to man touch also improves mood and a general feeling of wellbeing. To receive the full benefits of touching, a masseur needs to know what he is doing. There are certain techniques that need to be applied to truly make a massage effective. I’m trained in sensual touch techniques and certified in relaxing (Swedish) massage so you can be assured of a truly memorable experience from my experienced hands.

Massage has been around for centuries. Michelangelo said “To touch is to give life.”

Touch is a powerful healer and is a basic human need. The importance of it cannot be overestimated. It is essential to our physical and mental vitality and everyone needs a daily dose of its health promoting gifts.

Skin is our largest organ and the comfort felt when it is touched leads to healing on a number of levels.

The best known benefit gained by a good massage is stress release. However a full body massage also has an impact on reducing anxiety, fatigue and low energy. It also relieves headaches at the same time aiding the immune system.

In Western societies most men are touch deprived which has a physical as well as emotional toll on them. Touch therapy provides a feeling of comfort and compassion and is a time honoured way to stimulate the senses and increase the feeling of wellbeing. A well delivered massage also calms the mind to allow sleep issues to be resolved. After experiencing my massage for men in Auckland, I know you will be re-vitalized and calm in mind and content in body.



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